On The Sofa es una canción interpretada por Sidonie, publicada en el álbum Shell Kids en el año 2003.

On The Sofa lyrics

This boy
Look out girl, he
His fast tongue will fascinate you
And then you

Hey girl, you
Take your knickers and get out of here

His soul was born in Alaska, baby
Cold as ice, but clear as the sky
He lies like a sphinx in a plastic temple
Beautiful (Beatiful) head, but pin-up smile

Lie, truth, Zen revelation
These are the foundations of Love

Could drink
And cocaine talks are wasting your time
Did you find it? Did you get high?

This boy is just lying on the sofa
Making plans to be happy tonight
This boy
Singing songs, just singing songs

Making love with his siam female
Now he

He spreads the wings like a diamond eagle
A precious stone that broke the shell

Gold, pearls, silver and diamonds
The sweetest song is made of soul

You try to catch all the John Lennon
And all you
You keep the key of a box without a lock
Knowing that the answer

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On The Sofa lyrics


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