Just Call It R 'N' R es una canción interpretada por Sidonie, publicada en el álbum Shell Kids en el año 2003.

Just Call It R 'N' R lyrics

You Know What I Like
When We're On Our Own
Don't Try To Hide
'Cause You Like It Too,Darling

Your Mama Has Gone
Give Me Your Papa's Gin
Don't Tell Anybody That
I've Been here Tonight

Yeah I Know The Story
Yeah I'll Excuse Your Sorry

You Better Stand Up
'Cause My Beat's So Strong
And My Hands Are Glue
Running Through Your Veins

We Never F*ck
Like We Always Do
Hide This Light Inside You And
Celebrate Good Times

Yeah I Know the Story
Yeah I've Tasted Your Glory

I'll Spoil You And Give
You My Necklace
Please Don't Forget
Put It In Your Panties Drow

How Can i Leave
Your Parent's Sheets
I'm Just Having Fun
On My Hopeless Way To You

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