Dare Me es una canción interpretada por Young Fathers, publicada en el álbum White Men Are Black Men Too en el año 2015.

Dare Me lyrics

So small and precious
What did you just have for breakfast
Little man in trousers pick up your toy
I let the buckshot fly
Tonight you must forgive me
But you never asked me out to dance

Dare me
Dare me

He cleans his crystals
While I reload my pistols
You filthy boy
You never had a chance
(A chance)

Semi automatic for you papa
The stress comes quick
Be there when your on your knees
Say your prayer midnight cowboy that's an order

Sleep tight cowboy
Are you nicely tucked in?
The blankets now over your chin
You miss and I'll make it
You give and I'm taken
Dish out the rations in fire

Soon to get a weapon
I'm gonna show you pepper
It's looking pretty, huh?
Looking-Looking-Looking-Looking pretty huh?
It's pretty, huh?
Hanging on the ledge where you're holding out?

Standing on the rail bridge
Watching as we pass by
Laughing like I don't mind, don't mind
Don't lie
I'm here to leave you lonely
So you can turn it on me

You never had a chance

Dare me
Dare me
Dare me
Dare me

You filthy boy, you had no chance
You filthy boy, you filthy boy
You had no chance
Seven years, seven years

Your luck has passed
Seven years you never asked me out to dance
Asked me out to dance
(Dare me)

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