Anni Kookoo letra

Xavier Rudd

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Anni Kookoo lyrics

The places that we lived, the living that we did
The places we were put, the things we were giving
The things that they took
They took away our pride, and if they didn't
Take our lives, they took away the things that made us feel alive

Oooo what have we become, what have we become
Oooo how did this become, how did this become

The old women reflects from the east to the west
She thinks of her grandmother and her grandfather
And the strength that they had
Now she looks to the young

With all their sniffing and their drugs
The drinking that has stolen so many souls
And flooded her sacred blood

She says oooo what have we become
What have we become
She says oooo how did this become
How did this become

She says oooo the bottle took my son
It took away my son
She says oooo where we going to run
What have we become

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Anni Kookoo es una canción interpretada por Xavier Rudd