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  • Autor Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr.

Wave Of Sorrow (Birdland) lyrics

Heat haze rising on hell's own hill
To wake up this morning is an act of will
Walk through the night to get here today
To bring your children, to give them away

Oh, oh, this cruel sun, is daylight never done?
Cruelty just begun to make a shadow of everyone
And if the rain came
And if the rain came now

Souls bent over without a breeze
Blankets on burning trees
I am sick without disease
Nobility on it's knees

And if the rain came
And if the rain came, now
Would it wash us all away on a wave of sorrow?
Wave, wave of sorrow

Where now the holy cities? Where are the ancient holy scrolls?
Where now Emperor Menelek and Queen of Sheba's gold?
You, my bride wear a crown, on your finger, precious stone
As every good thing now been sold

Son, of shepherd boy, now king
What wisdom can you bring?
What lyric could you sing?
Where is the music of the Seraphim?

And if the rain came
And if the rain came, now
Would it wash us all away, on a wave of sorrow?
Wave, on a wave of sorrow, wave

Blessed are the meek who scratch in the dirt
For they shall inherit what's left of the earth
Blessed are the kings who have left their thrones
They are blessed in this valley of dry bones

Blessed all of you with an empty heart
For you have nothing from which you cannot part
Blessed is the ego if it's all we got this hour
Blessed is the voice that speaks truth to power
Blessed is the sex worker's body sold tonight

She works for what she's got to save her children's life
Blessed are the deaf who cannot hear a scream
Blessed are the stupid who can dream
Blessed are the tin can, cardboard slums
And blessed is the spirit that overcomes

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