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Camaro lyrics

I've been around
Been around indeed
I tell you nothing
Nothing can compete

Turn my head
But I can't be satisfied
Without a high-powerd mutant
High-powered mutant of your kind

OoOh yeah
Yeah, you looks are top
OoOh another
Another won't be enough

Maybe if I say it every time
Oh, how deep it would be
I wanna make that Camaro mine

My Camaro, oohooh no
My Camaro, soo slow

Today, I passed you on the street
And my heart, fell right there at your feet
At your feet, at your feet
At your feet

My Camaro, go go
My Camaro, so slow
My Camaro, oohooh no
My Camaro, so slow

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Camaro es una canción interpretada por Triggerfinger