Little Miss Pipedream es una canción interpretada por The Wombats, publicada en el álbum A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation en el año 2007.

Little Miss Pipedream lyrics

I think the postman intercepts
Everything I try and send to you
'Cause he's infatuated and he's the fulcrum between us too
And I can't say I blame him 'cause I cheated priest just to get to you

She works in a dental practice
9 till 5 how does she manage?
Considering her nights don't pass out 'till 3
So, I guess that flossing is he last thing in her health routine

And I don't mind that she gets hammered
And goes home with other guys
There's no jealousy
'Cause she's my little pipedream fantasy

I saw her slam back tequila's
Like Oliver Reed on an Irish stag do
And I'll wait if you stay
'Cause foggy London town's not built for me or you
Don't leave miss pipedream 'cos I love you