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Behind The Eyes lyrics

If you wanna find the truth
And you don't want no substitutes
If you can't stand living lies
You got to look behind the eyes

If you've been sick with playin' games
Like a child, callin' names
There's one rule that still applies
Take a look behind them eyes

Look behind them
That's where the truth will be hidin'
Peek behind them
Boy, neither will be confined

'Fore you're up there, in somewhere
You'll find yourself alone out there
I'll give you this word to the wise
Go and look behind the eyes

You start to question everything
'Bout getting your baby back again
And you don't wanna compromise
Just take a look behind the eyes

Look behind them
If you wanna know why
But be prepared when you finally figure it out
'Cause it can lay you down

If you're happy where you are
And you don't wanna know no more
'Cause there's too much to sacrifice
But don't you look behind them eyes
Yeah, you can really pay the price
If you look behind them eyes

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