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Rooftop lyrics

Standin' on a rooftop, tryin' to clear my mind
I only came up to look, but now there's such a crowd
I don't feel that bad, can't help but laugh
And they cry, say jump and I say how high

I feel my body blowin', from every side to side
My mind can't help but knowin', what it feels like to fly
Don't feel that bad, I can't help but laugh
But they cry, say jump and I say how high
Say jump and say I might

And they cry out
And they cry out
Say jump and I say how high
Say jump and I say I'll try
Say jump and I say I'm proud
Say jump and I say I have
High, fly, fly

I'm just standin' on the edge of
Somethin' I should try to hide from
I don't know much but I know some things
I need to try, find me a way

Try I only come out fightin'
I don't feel I should deny them
Can't help knowin' what is down there
Feels like I should fly now for them

Fascinated, mis-educated
It's reincarnation of my imagination
I'm far away from here today
It's where I'll stay, if I get my way
It's lyin' awake, that makes me sane
But it makes me sick but I can't change again

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