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The Sheltering Sun lyrics

Paranoid disguise
Behind the mask it hides
A Belgian twilight
I want to hold you tight

I filled the phone with milk
We had a milky talk
I said that I love you
But I can

I know what we are
The dream of a dream

If you wake up right now
In the sheltering sky

I stick like a spider
On the dictator

On the eggshell pit
We watched the last porn scene
Our favourite actress
Mutated in Autumn feed

I know what we are
The dream of a dream

Go to bed and take a ride
On the holy path of dream
You wanna sleep forever
Beyond the reason of tides
In the sheltering sky

All the things we do
We do with eyes closed
Just to see
That we are in love
And I don't care If I
Asleep from the beginning
I don't

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The Sheltering Sun es una canción interpretada por Sidonie