Cold Old London es una canción interpretada por Rod Stewart, con Bridget Cady, publicada en el álbum Blood Red Roses en el año 2018.

Cold Old London lyrics

Don't know why, we first met
In cold old London, down by the Thames
We were sacred, and slowly fell in love
Oh but I just let you go

We were made for each other
Was I too young to dream

You said something that gave me butterflies
Life's a treasure, but love's so unkind
So please be careful, with this heart of mine
Ohh that I just let you go

You were my every moment
Was I too young to dream

What fool I was, what a damn fool I was
So blind I couldn't see, yeah
Now I'm getting older, and the girls are getting younger
Maybe it's too late for me

I still wonder, where you are each night
Staring at the moonlight with a new man by your side
You were beautiful in every human way

Oh so why did I let you go
Cold old London
Cold old London
Ooh, ooh, ooh

We were made for each other (for each other)
Was I too young to dream (too young to dream)

Cold Old London lyrics


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