Goodnight Vienna (Reprise) es una canción interpretada por Ringo Starr, publicada en el álbum Goodnight Vienna en el año 1974.

Goodnight Vienna (Reprise) lyrics

Okay, with gusto, boys, with gusto

I took my baby to a party last night
She was so beautiful, she made me uptight
Up came a butcher with her ju jus alight
It's all down to goodnight Vienna

Goodnight Vienna, hey, hey, hey

Come on, boys, sing it to me
(Goodnight Vienna)
Hey, hey, hey
Oh, you're so beautiful
(Goodnight Vienna)
You know that I love you, don't you, boys?
(Goodnight Vienna)

And don't forget, folks
The band will be back in fifteen minutes
Just a short break and they'll be back on stage
Ready to do it to you one more time, that's it

Goodnight Vienna, hey, hey, hey
Goodnight Vienna