Drumming Is My Madness es una canción interpretada por Ringo Starr, publicada en el álbum Stop And Smell The Roses en el año 1981.

Drumming Is My Madness lyrics

Drumming is my madness
Drumming is my business
Drumming is my pleasure
Drumming makes me happy

Drumming makes me lose control
Drumming makes me rock and roll, yeah
Watch me now, rizz off

Do you think I'm sexy?
Do you think I'm silly?
Try a little tenderness too

Drumming is my middle name
Drumming makes me go insane

I got rhythm
You got rhythm, too

Here we go again

Drumming is my madness
Drumming makes me crazy
Drumming is my hobby
Drumming is a friend of mine

Is it any wonder?
You can call me thunder
My friends' name is lightning too