Turned Around es una canción interpretada por Phoebe Bridgers.

Turned Around lyrics

I'm not crazy
I'm just nervous
I'm on my toes
At the edge of the world

And my mind feels like an empty room
The inside black as coal
And it hurts to want something so bad
That you lose all self control

And I know
How you are sometimes
And I know
You're just a little turned around

Yeah, I can feel it getting late
And my body is getting tired
But there's no point leaving before they game
When my mind feels so wired

Yeah, you took me to this station and you showed me every sign
No one else could understand
You know I'm lost but I'll be fine

And you know
How I am sometimes
And you know
I'm just a little turned around

We had it all planned out
It's so hard to watch it burn
Watch it burn

Turned Around lyrics


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