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Olivia O'Brien

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You said I wasn't just another girl to you, a girl to use
I said you don't care, you said, "I swear I do, I swear it's true"
So how can you just turn around and block me out?
Your actions don't reflect the words that left your mouth

I was right to be skeptical
Knew it was wrong from the jump and I let you know
But somehow I still couldn't let you go
Guess it's not in my blood to be sensible

Maybe it was inevitable
Wish I didn't have such a sensitive soul
Wish it was somethin' that I could control
Said I should just pack up and head on the road

But you reassured me that it wasn't like that
Said I meant somethin' to you and I liked that

'Cause if I knew my worth, I would never speak to you again
If I knew my worth, I wouldn't even want to be friends (Oh, no, no, no)
'Cause if I stopped hittin' you up, then we'd just never talk at all (Talk at all)
But I'd still drop everything to answer my phone if you called me

But I know you won't (I know, I know, I know you won't, yeah)
I thought you cared, you don't (I know, I know, I know you don't, yeah)
I've never known how it feels to be liked back (I know, I know, I know you won't, yeah)
Oh, no
(I know, I know, I know you don't, yeah)
Maybe that's why I keep on runnin' right back

So here I go again, makin' up some dumb excuses
Don't know why I keep forgivin' you, I must be f*ckin' stupid
Promise one day you gon' realize how much you f*ckin' losin'
And I won't care
I've been talkin' to your brother, he said that you found another girl
Hope she's everything I wasn't, I'm just from another world

So I'ma stay there
'Cause it's safe there
In my purple world

I live in a purple world
Lavender highs and violet lows
I started seeing purple all around me, everywhere I go
It once was just a pretty color, and then it reminded me of you
Now it reminds me of something much bigger

Of the things that I can do
A fresh start, a new meaning
A strong vibration, a light beaming
In everything that I keep seeing
In a purple world, a purple feeling

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purpleworld es una canción interpretada por Olivia O'Brien