C'est La Vie (Say The Casualties!) es una canción interpretada por Neon Indian, publicada en el álbum Vega Intl. Night School en el año 2015.

C'est La Vie (Say The Casualties!) lyrics

Cool hand, teller
Take it easy, fella
'Cause these people won't be fooling around

Sure shot chosen
Everybody knows it
'Cause tonight is going down

The room will surrender
When the band comes around
You better run before they hit the ground

Heads will roll
At the start of the sound
The creep show, the loudest in town

The creep show, the loudest in town
Oh at the creep show

Givin' Cinderella
A page of your novella
But she's too busy bein' unwound

The room is moving
Everybody tuned in
To the wave of super sonic sound

And she's had the ticket
Clutched in her hand
Long before you ever heard of the band

Yea she's had the feeling
Since before she could stand
Something we could never understand

At the creep show
At the creep show

C'est la vie
Say the casualties
C'est la vie
Say you and me