Waiting For The Snake es una canción interpretada por Motörhead, publicada en el álbum The Wörld Is Yours en el año 2010.

Waiting For The Snake lyrics

I don't know what I like, I don't know what I am
I don't know where I'm going and I don't give a damn
I say the world is crazy, know there's no one to save me
I know a few things, baby, I know we're in a jam

Black hole in the sun, I don't like the way we always run
And if your eyes are closed, I better stay awake
You sleep like an angel, baby, but I know you're truly crazy
And I think that we've grown lazy waiting for the snake

You are a mystery, you are a bitch to me
You don't see why I stay, why I don't turn and run
You think your life is good but you're a babe out in the wood
Do what you think you should, sleeping with the gun

Black cloud on the moon, feels like the rain is coming soon
The way I feel tonight, you'll never see me break
You live in constant sorrow and I refuse to follow
We might not see tomorrow waiting for the snake

I think you know the score, I don't know what we're waiting for
Hiding behind the door, don't get us any place
I know that you believe and so before the freeze
Before we feel the squeeze, before the monster wakes

Black death in the room, you sing a different tune
And it will bring your doom, the city starts to shake
I see the world is dying, you know I sure ain't lying
I see you pale and crying, waiting for the snake