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Laura Marling

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Song For Our Daughter lyrics

Though they may want you to tread in their trail
Only to see if the path they set fails
Though they may want you to take off your clothes
Whatever they think that the action exposed

With your clothes on the floor
Taking advice from some old balding bore
You'll ask yourself, "Did I want this at all?"

Do you remember what I said?
The book I left by your bed
The words that some survivor read

Lately I've been thinking about our daughter growing old
All of the bullshit that she might be told
There's blood on the floor
Maybe now you'll believe her for sure

She remembers what I said
The book I left by her bed
The words that some survivor read

Though they may take you for all you had left
You won't be forgotten for what you had not done yet
So you wished for a kiss from god

And you mourned in your childish loss
Innocence gone but it's not forgot
You'll get your way through it somehow

You remember what I said
The book you left by your bed
The words that will outlive the dead

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Song For Our Daughter es una canción interpretada por Laura Marling