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Way Down Inside lyrics

Way down inside
Way down this heart of mine
Where the cold wind blows
Out of the daylight

That's where I'll stay
That's where I'll hide my life
For the late years storms
Of December

Do you see me where I am?
Do you see me where I am?

Cause I'm way down inside
Far across the borderline
Past the helpless cry
Of surrender

Where I drifted away
I drowned in the depths of time
I'm way down inside

And way down inside
Here's the truth of the one man's show
Way down inside
There's a part of me I'll never know
And inside I can run, but I can't let go
Way down inside

Way down inside
Way across the scattering lights
Past the frozen frames
Of the slideshow

Where I'm cut off for life
I'm caught in this crazy, crazy life
It's way down inside
Do you see me were I am?

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Way Down Inside es una canción interpretada por Kane