Microdose letra

John Craigie

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Microdose lyrics

Into the sunrise, off you drove
To show this was just the beginning
I microdosed for months and months
Dissolved my ego in the acid

Seven lovers, seven moons
Seven days without speaking
How long could I keep it up
Before I started disbelieving?

I write you postcards every day
To remind us both that time is fleeting
I'm all alone here in many ways
Deserted island, middle of the city

Oh, somebody up there must really like me
Oh, somebody еlse up there must truly hatе me

It's a war of the gods, baby, I don't know
I never picked a side, I never started praying
They'll fight it out as we make love
And every now and then, look up and see who's winning

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Microdose es una canción interpretada por John Craigie