Winged Bull es una canción interpretada por Hall & Oates, publicada en el álbum Beauty On A Back Street en el año 1977.

Winged Bull lyrics

Well I'm looking at her from a rock 'n roll tower
With the windows, it's eyes
And it's black stained sides that can't be climbed

'Cause they're slick as wet glass
And the gate lets the force out, but thru'
None shall pass

But when I'm with you, it's just me in my time
Guess, I've taken some form, who knows which time around
But one of the reasons is to unite me with you
I'm sure of that baby, if a heart tells the truth

Is it the winged bull
Or the horns of old pan
There's Ra unto Isis
There's woman to man

Sun and the moon
Minus and plus
Zero equals two
In love and in us

Wings of fire and me in my time
Taking the form making this sound
It's all of the reasons that unite me with you
I'm sure of that, baby, if a heart tells the truth
Heart tells the truth

Winged Bull lyrics


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