Kerry es una canción interpretada por Hall & Oates, publicada en el álbum Bigger Than Both Of Us en el año 1976.

Kerry lyrics

Kerry, so cool and so clever
I know 'cause you told me so
You've got it bad for yourself
And nobody else can hold a candle to you

So l'm told
Won't you give us a break?
Don't take it too far
Won't you give yourself a chance?

You're enough as you are
Yeah, you might be okay
And it might be all wrong
To carry on

Oh Kerry, you can carry on
Just don't get carried away
Oh Kerry, it's okay to carry on
But don't get carried away

Watch it now, Kay oh Kerry
I must have been crazy to think
That I could find you when you were lost
Girl, you can't know what you're saying

When you slip away
Tell me baby, is it worth the cost?

Kerry lyrics


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