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  • Autor Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford

Window lyrics

Crossing the mountains of truth see them
Shadows of night disappear
Rise from the slough of despond, find the pathway
Guiding us forward through pastures of dream day
Days to enjoy, peace I knew once before me
Dawning to dusk on the hills until morning

Come see me take my hand
Come see me in my land

Flying invisibly high, watch me
All on a beautiful sky, I'll be
Clear and serene in the love I've discovered
Long search is over, the soul is uncovered
Resting on joy that abounds without ceasing
Bidding farewell to the fears now decreased

Come see me take my hand
Come see me in my land

High on a golden crested wave she sits
The little nymphs dance in her hair
The trees all beckon to the sky to bless their empty lives
Horizons come to sip wine there
The veiled mist reveals the wandering ship upon the reef
The albatross flies to the stern
And only Jack Frost saw the kiss you gave him in return

Crossing the mountains of truth see them
Soaring majestically high, and then
Stop at the warning light, see it flash brightly
Thunder awakes me, it crashes beside me
Shatter the scene and bring chaos to beauty
Leading me forward where destiny may be

Come see me take my hand
View from another land

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