The Light Dies Down On Broadway es una canción interpretada por Genesis, publicada en el álbum The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway en el año 1974.

The Light Dies Down On Broadway lyrics

He follows a small path running along the top
And watches the tube bobbing up and down
In the water, as the fast current carries it away

However, as he walks around a corner
Rael sees a sky light above him
Apparently built into the bank
Through it he can see the green grass of home
Well, not exactly, he can see Broadway

As he walks along the gorge's edge
He meets a sense of yesteryear
A window in the bank above his head
Reveals his home amidst the streets

Subway sounds, the sounds of complaint
The smell of acid on his gun of paint
As it carves out anger in a blood red band
Destroyed tomorrow by an unknown hand

My home
Is this the way out from the endless scene?
Or just an entrance to another dream?
And the light dies down on Broadway

His heart, now a little bristly is shaken
By a surge of joy and he starts to run
Arms wide open, to the way out

At this precise point in time his ears pick up
A voice screaming for help
Someone is struggling in the rapids below, it's John

But as the skylight beckons him to leave
He hears a scream from far below
Within the raging water, writhes the form
Of brother John, he cries for help

He pauses for a moment remembering
How his brother had abandoned him
Then the window begins to fade, it's time for action

The gate is fading now, but open wide
But John is drowning, I must decide
Between the freedom I had in the rat race
Or to stay forever in this forsaken place

Hey John
He makes for the river and the gate is gone
Back to the void where it came from
And the light dies down on Broadway