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Gaz Coombes

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Don't Say It's Over lyrics

Here come those drunk tales from a friend of mine
But I don't hear anymore
No, I can't stay awake
I'm too much in love
And now I can't see straight

Like those cheap stalls on street corners
When nothing's what it seems
Well, I got the warmth
I feel it always
You turned my world around

It's okay
Blue jay
Don't say it's over

Dream on, what a fool
I had the words, I had it all worked out
But you're like no-one
And I'll feel it in waves
Until my heart is drowned

You call your ships and you turn the tides
And all our days seem to fall through time
I love what's in you
How you cheat the sorrow
Waiting for the line

It's okay
Blue jay
Don't say it's over

I may as well jump in that cold river
If there's no desire
No contest, 'cause she works with fire
And so hold on
But don't say it's over
Don't say it's over, no

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Don't Say It's Over es una canción interpretada por Gaz Coombes