Waiting For God es una canción interpretada por Garbage, publicada en el álbum No Gods No Masters en el año 2021.

Waiting For God lyrics

Waiting for god to show up
We're keeping our fingers crossed
Can't seem to make sense of all of this madness
Waiting for god to show up

Look what they did to her boy
And nobody's blinking an eye
She's choking on sadness with no hope for justice
Just look what they did to her boy

Did she get lost in the rains?
Or was there a lockdown at school?
Maybe the ice cracked and swallowed the house up
Or did they get caught in the fires?

All this talk of faith
The power of all our prayers
Meanwhile kids playin' video games
They fall but they don't get up

Who have we become?
What do we do now?
The waving of our flags
And the tears won't bring them back

Waiting for god to show up
We're keeping our fingers crossed
Smiling at fireworks that light all our skies up
While black boys get shot in the back

Were they caught riding their bike?
Or guilty of walking alone?
I can't seem to make sense of all of this madness
Just waiting for god, keep waiting for god to show up

Oh god, who art in heaven, who art in heaven, come
Stand with us, may your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Waiting For God lyrics


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