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Dove Cameron

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I'm In Love With A Girl lyrics

Since "Liv and Maddie"
I've haven't been happy
Why can't I find love
I tried to with Thomas

But he didn't want Chloe
He wanted Dove
Men aren't reason for singing
Not 'bout Ben or Harry

Ryan or Diggie, no
I'm not who you see on TV
The truth is my heart wants Evie

And my friends warned me I could get fired
Said I'm gay and too young to retire
So I guess that it made me a liar
But no, babe I'm aiming higher

Oh, I'm laying right beside her
Your hair's blue and yet it burns me like fire, oh
You didn't like me bi so
Cover your kids eyes now

I'm getting Bi-er
My generation of fellow criers
Fellow runners, hiders
Are we tired? Oh

So what if I'm fired
My identity's worth more than
You're sitcom choirs

And my ex said I should just be quiet
Dye my hair blonde and stick to my diet
But I left him, and now that he's low
He'll watch me thrive at my highest

Oh yeah, I'm at my highest

And I'm done being quiet

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