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Arabian Nights lyrics

Bazookas and fisticuffs medicating in Porches
98-karat stick shift, Chinatown late-night meals
Alfonso giving me a backrub, 2 pm laser vizzaginal rejuvenation
Triple album project, detonatin' tracks like these

Magnums and barrettes, part-time hostages in pottery classes
Blind date at the wax museum
Norwegian hockey players passed out in government limos
Prime ministers with cryogenic faces

Louis Vuitton suitcases
Autographs and paid vacations
Divorce papers and synthetic lubrications
Playin' you like top-40 stations, ah you know the deal

Arabian nights
White satellites
Voodoo is tight
Like a sleek diamond ice

Airbrushed memories strewn like pamphlets into fifth Mississippis
Time-lapse footage of duct-taped lies
Animal frequencies pinching deodorized nerves
Cosmetic procedures on the cartilage of apocalypse

Mannequin tycoons with airport piano bar mystiques
Remodeling conjugal amaracus, flexing like suburban Spartacus
Getting smacked up by unemployed hand models
Running out into the middle of traffic with Beaujolais bottles

Arabian nights
White satellites
Voodoo is tight
Like sleek diamond ice

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Arabian Nights es una canción interpretada por Beck