Get Ya Flowers es una canción interpretada por Auryn, publicada en el álbum Circus Avenue en el año 2014.

Get Ya Flowers lyrics

They flock around you
Like some hungry wolves
With their broken hearts
And their used up lies

They flock around you
Because you're beautiful
They'll do anything
To find your weakness

Don't fall, it's a bad idea
Don't fall it's a bad idea
A catastrophe
Oh can't you see
It's a bad idea

I'll get ya get ya flowers
I'll get ya get ya things
You give me superpowers
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

I'll get ya get ya flowers
Sweet lovin, rocks and rings
I'll make your heart believe it
Anything thatyou want Anything I can get

Everything that I am
Is at your feet so don't forget
I'll get ya get ya flowers I'll get ya get
Ya things I'll use up all my powers
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Because you're lonely
They can use your pain
To lure you close
Watch your back

When you're not looking
They will make their move
Steal your heart
Make it crack yeah

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